New Business Ideas for the Social Entrepreneur

One way to get out of your current career is to come up with new business ideas that will enable you to save the world and earn some money for you and your family. Dreaming up new possibilities might even be what you and your coworkers talk about at lunch every day. Putting some of those new business ideas in to practice can actually be the way to launch a new career, so don’t stop at just dreaming. You might find yourself on the path to success.

While some business ideas seem to fill a niche that just fits a specific time or place, there are other business opportunities that seem to always need someone to fill that role. The important thing is to make it happen.

New Business Ideas for the Social Entrepreneur
• Local is the New Global. It seemed that as the world became more interconnected, people started forgetting that supporting your neighbor was important for a successful business. See what niche you can fill in your local market. People are tired of not knowing who grew their food or made their clothes or built their desk. See if there is a marketplace in your community that is currently going unfilled. If you have a tangible product, you can still sell that product on a more wide geographic scale, but don’t forget to put the person behind the product. People want to connect with the product.

• Do it yourself doesn’t mean without some help. The Do it Yourself (DIY) culture is strong these days, but sometimes people could use a little assistance in making it happen. People want to grow their own food, but sometimes they need to learn how to garden in the first place. A garden coach can help an individual pick out and place plants, and come up with a weeding an maintenance schedule. The same can go with making your own clothes or cooking for yourself. Many people never learned these skills, and could use a helping hand to get started. A canning class can train people to learn how to can foods, but it can also create a market for people interested in buying your pickled or preserved products. You could even create a marketplace for people who took your class to learn how to sew or cook or make furniture.

• Don’t forget green businesses. For a while too many corporations were exploiting the green moniker that there it fostered a greenwashing backlash. But the need for green businesses still exists, as the earth still has to support everyone on it. This line of business has unlimited potential.

Starting a new business can be scary, but having a business idea you believe in makes it much more likely to be successful.