Viral Video on YouTube For Better World Books

Viral Video on YouTube For Better World Books

The viral video on YouTube for Better World Books is a cute animated short that uses humor to publicize the social enterprise company and it’s mission. It is a form of social business networking that has been proven to be successful. Formed by a trio of pals in Indiana in 2002, Better World Books has donation bins all over major US cities stamped with the slogan “Buy Books. Do Good.”

The founders developed an innovative social enterprise that has social and environmental responsibility at its core. The company collects used books and resells them online, donating a percentage of all their revenues to several nonprofits who promote literacy. One of their major literacy partners is Books For Africa, which has the simple goal of ending the book famine in Africa.

Better World Books has sent 58 containers of books to 23 African countries to promote literacy in developing nations through this program.

Better World Books Social Enterprise

Better World Books is a social enterprise that focuses on the triple bottom line of profit, people and planet. The company pursues this in many different ways, from helping to build a nursing library in Somaliland to offering customers carbon neutral shipping on every book they buy.

The company supports global literacy programs like Room to Read, Books for Africa, Worldfund, National Center for Family Literacy, Invisible Children and many more. Their focus on environmental responsibility has led the company to go from a carbon offset program that covered emissions generated when books were shipped to customers, to one that covers emissions associated both wish shipping and other company operations and activities.

They have also worked with Sustainable Business Consulting and followed the World Resources Institute Greenhouse Gas Protocol to develop the methodology used to calculate their carbon inventory.