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Most Effective B2B Marketing
Selecting the best B2B marketing and business strategy can be tricky, especially given a limited marketing budget. There are many different B2B marketing strategies to choose from, ranging from email campaigns t website design, display , search marketing, social media and more. Recent surveys indicate that email marketing and search engine optimization are among the top strategies for B2B merchants who want to maximize their budgets in the face of today’s economic challenges. Pursuing these marketing strategies can help to improve the quantity and quality of leads, meet the needs of sales teams and manage complex sales. B2B buying has become even more important to companies as consumer spending has faltered in recent years. Currently, about 11% of B2B marketing budgets are devoted to email marketing, while about 12% are going to SEO.

Mobile Marketing Trends and Products
Sharetivity is a site that permits you to post a certain content on all of your social accounts, even your mail, all at the same time. This also lets you bookmark it simultaneously. As a result, you can find the items you shared – all in one place. You will, therefore, no longer sign in and then sign out of your numerous accounts just so you could post the same item. Just install it on your browser and you are good to go.

Holiday Mobile Marketing Trends
Mobile marketing trends are hot for the upcoming holiday season so consumers can expect to see mobile campaigns from many of their favorite brands this year. One of the hottest trends is personalized recommendations for products based on a consumer’s prior searches. This promotes an individualized experience for the consumer which offers a form of personalization for the e-tailer’s website. It also offers highlights products which are likely to appeal to a shopper which they otherwise might have missed. Mobile marketing has been on the rise thanks to the increased use of smartphones in the US, and research groups predict that more than 75% of marketers will plan to include mobile marketing into their campaign business strategy this holiday season. A variety of trends will be especially popular this year, including those which combine online and in-store experiences.