Cause Related Marketing Video on YouTube For Project For Awesome 2010

Cause Related Marketing Video on YouTube For Project For Awesome 2010

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A cause related marketing video otherwise known as a video for social networking for business on YouTube by wheezywaiter is part of Project For Awesome 2010, where participants use videos to publicize the work of charity groups like Action Against Hunger, in this case. Every year on December 17th, Project For Awesome allows YouTube’s community to take over YouTube to promote charities. Project For Awesome began in 2007 and has gotten bigger and cooler every year since. In 2010, YouTube hosted a four-hour live stream on December 18th featuring a lot of special guests to entertain and excite the audience in funny and embarrassing ways. In addition to promoting charities through videos on YouTube, the Project also held raffles for a lot of amazing prizes. The best Project for Awesome videos of the year will be promoted by YouTube with front-page spotlights.

Project For Awesome Uses Viral Video to Promote Charities

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Project For Awesome is a YouTube program that uses viral video to promote charities. Each December the YouTube community gets excited at the chance to band together to promote their favorites charities and encourage giving.

fter the P4A videos are made, the YouTube community works together to comment on and rate the videos. As these videos climb the most-discussed and top-rated pages, they slowly start to take over the site. Last year’s event was a big success, and they’re hoping for an even bigger turn out this year.

Throughout the day of December 17th the Project for Awesome staff do liveblogging of the transformation that YouTube is undergoing as the P4A videos go live throughout the site, and the community promotes those videos, and people donate money to the biggest and best charities of the year.