Cause Related Marketing Video on YouTube of Patch Adams As a Clown

Cause Related Marketing Video on YouTube of Patch Adams As a Clown

Patch Adams poster [Photo by ritwikdey] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

A funny cause related business social networking video on YouTube features Patch Adams dressed up as clown and holding a fish as he speaks about finding the joy in life.

Patch Adams is best known for his work as a medical doctor and a clown. He’s also a devoted social activist who has spent the last 40 years working on reforming America’s healthcare system. He believes that laughter, joy and creativity are an integral part of the healing process, and these beliefs are based in his personal experience.

Patch was a sensitive teenager who became very disillusioned with the world because of all the injustice he saw. Feeling that he couldn’t change it, he attempted suicide three times before reevaluating his response to an unloving world and deciding there was something he could do to change it.

Patch Adams Uses Comedy to Change the World

EthanHurd & Patch Adams [Photo by Laertes] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Patch Adams realized at a young age that he could contribute to making the world a better place by serving humanity through medicine and comedy. After graduating from medical school, he founded the Gesundheit Institute with a group of twenty friends, including three doctors, who moved into a six-bedroom home in West Virginia and converted it into a free hospital.

The hospital was open 24/7 and serviced all manner of medical problems. The doctors saw 500 to 1000 patients each month, with 5-50 guests staying over each night. Throughout its 12 year history, some 15,000 patients were seen and entertained with dances, home made plays, humor and gardening, which were the social glue that held the project together. Patch also looked beyond his own country and saw the huge need overseas for medical care, love and humor.