Recycling Businesses

The environment needs you help. There are plenty of new business ideas to help the environment in your own way. Here are some examples of what other businesses are doing to make their business eco friendly.

Handmade Recycled Jewelry
Bluebird Designs is a small company in Truckee, California that creates handmade recycled jewelry from discarded items like mis-matched silver spoons or metal wall hangings. Metalsmith Jessica Hall resurrects these items by turning them into stunning pieces of handcrafted jewelry. She recently opened a studio in Truckee that sells eco-friendly quick gifts and offers custom jewelry consultations, as well as jewelry repair. Hall has been making jewelry from a young age, and today offers a wide variety of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings in a variety of recycled and precious metals. She selects fair-trade gemstones for all of her designs, which include custom wedding rings and graduation gifts. The wedding rings require a two-month timeline to create, while small earrings and necklaces can take from a few hours to several days. Her signature piece is a lovely enameled bluebird necklace.

Recycled Leather Fashion Accessories
Online store Chic Moderne is transforming leather scraps into unique, luxury fashion accessories. Owner Patti Tang creates everything from business card holders to briefcases, notebook covers, and iPhone and iPad cases. Sold via her Etsy website, Chic Moderne’s accessories come in two styles called Venezia and Milano. They are available in a wide array of vibrant colors, and all are handcrafted by European artisans from scraps that were going to be thrown out from Italian designer leather workshops.

These eco-chic accessories are high on quality and style, and low on environmental impact and price too, with most pieces under $100. Tang was inspired by women like herself who were involved in business and fashion. Her first line of wallets was inspired by the European designer runway shows, and soon followed up the wallets with many other practical and stylish pieces.

Electronics Recycling Idea
A recycling idea by a single resident in Innisfil, Canada has picked up momentum. John Hurd of Electronic Waste Recycling began with a single blue container at a Daisy Mart, and soon realized that the demand from people who were looking to dispose of old electronic products was far reaching. He talked with Innisfil officials about the possibility of the municipality becoming part of a lager project, and the concept was brought forward to council to approve for a six-month trial period. Two collector bins were placed in early May at two area recreation centers. Innisfil is the first municipality in the area to undertake this type of recycling program, which provides a convenient way for residents to divert waste from landfill sites. Hurd delivers the electronics collected to GEEP (Global Electric Electronic Processing) in Barrie, where they are broken down and renewable resources are created.

Metal Recycling Ideas
According to a new UN report, world metal recycling rates are“discouragingly low” , and more metal recycling ideas are needed to improve the situation. Despite the obvious benefits to the environment, industry and consumers, fewer than one third of some 60 metals studied have a recycling rate above 50%, and 34 elements are below 1%. Many of these metals are crucial components to clean technologies like batteries for hybrid cars and the magnets in wind turbines. Some countries and regions have made significant efforts to raise metal recycling rates, but this has had little impact on consumer behavior. It is especially discouraging due to the fact that unlike some other resources metals are inherently recyclable, making new business ideas easy to create. In theory they can be used over and over again, minimizing the need to mine and process virgin materials which saves substantial energy and water resources and minimizes environmental damage.