Eco Tourism

Social responsibility is an important element when you are thinking of turning your business into an eco friendly business. There are many ways to do this. For example, using recycled products and materials or perhaps by donating towards local parks and natural habitats in need. Here are a few examples of businesses that have promoted and established themselves as eco friendly businesses.

Lebanon Eco Tourism
Eco tourism is booming in Lebanon thanks to the magnificent cedar forests in this Middle Eastern countries. There are over 2,000 hectares of forest in Lebanon which serve as an attractive destination for hikers, bikers, birders and nature lovers who want to get away from the busy city of Beirut. The Shouf Cedar Reserve is home to the largest stretch of natural forest in the country, and eco tourism to this reserve is helping boost incomes local villagers who can sell their homemade jam, honey, wine and pickled olives. The Shouf Cedar Reserve was declared by UNESCO to be a Biosphere Reserve in 2005, and this designation has helped to draw more sustainable tourism to the area. The biggest threat to these ancient forests today is climate change which can impact their natural regeneration cycle.

Eco Tourism in Costa Rica
Costa Rica, which means the Rich Coast in Spanish, is one of the top eco tourism destinations in the world. It is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of bio diversity, and it’s also known for its friendly culture and stable government. The country did away with its army in 1949 so that it could devote more funds to social issues like health care and education. The small country contains 5% of global biodiversity with an astounding 500,00 species. There are many micro climates within the country as well thanks to its equatorial location and varied geologic terrain. There are rain forest, dry forests, active volcanoes and more which make it a special destination for nature lovers. Costa Ricans also report one of the highest levels of happiness in the world and enjoy long life expectancy.

Kayak Eco Tourism
Sarasota county is preparing major changes to rules governing eco tourism activities like camping and kayaking. The changes will address problems of kayak overcrowding on South Lido Beach and who will have access to camping on county property. County parks staff are asking for guidance on these and other issues. They want to promote eco tourism, but their efforts have been so successful that the influx of kayaks is actually scaring away local wildlife from the mangrove tunnels. There are several firms which now rent kayaks on South Lido, and this has made it difficult for private kayakers to navigate their crafts with vendors often blocking their access. Vendors have also been filing complaints against one another over who should have permission to operate on the beach, and they are looking to the county for clarification.

Eco Tourism in British Columbia
The Fraser River in British Columbia has become a hub for eco tourism in recent years. This is in large part due to the success of the Experience the Fraser (ETF) project, which is an eco tourism program designed to link river communities together for mutual economic benefit. One of the latest initiatives from this project is a trail corridor which links the Golden Ears Bridge to historic Fort Langley via the Derby Reach Regional Park. The inaugural project for the ETF, called Spirit Square, was finished last year at the Jack Poole Harbourside Park in the city of Mission. An interpretive center was opened as part of the project to provide educational information to visitors. ETF is continuing their work on a network of trails and interpretive centers that run from the Salish Sea to Hope, and will provide social responsibility opportunities for camping, fishing and more.