AT&T/TOMS Shoes Commercial is a Great Example of Cause Related Marketing

AT&T/TOMS Shoes Commercial is a Great Example of Cause Related Marketing

10/365 Jan 10, 2011 [Photo by becca.peterson26] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The AT&T/ TOMS Shoes commercial from 2009 is a great example of cause related marketing that benefits both companies and good business ideas. Blake Mycoskie, the Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS Shoes, was honored to be featured in the commercial as part of AT&T’s ad campaign. The ad very effectively used AT&T’s promise of “more bars in more places” to capture the importance of the service for TOMS Shoes.

The commercial was directed by Bennet Miller, an Academy Award nominee, and filming began in early February 2009. Shooting stretched over several weeks and two continents in a variety of locations to create a commercial that captures the essence of TOMS. It first aired during the Masters golf tournament, and was slated to run over 12 weeks, allowing TOMS to reach hundreds of millions of people with their One for One message.

TOMS Shoes Social Enterprise Helps Prevent Childhood Illness

 [Photo by Vivianna_love] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

TOMS Shoes social enterprise helps prevent childhood illness in the developing world by giving kids a free pairs of shoes. Not having shoes can be the difference between being sick and well for these kids.

Shoes are a buffer between skin and ground, which is often dirty and can contain fecal matter in communities without access to proper sanitation. Shoes can help keep kids free of serious infections. For example, soil transmitted helminthes (STH) are prevalent in some of the poorest communities in the world. These worms thrive in areas where the climate is warm and humid. Hookworm, one of the three types of STH, spreads when larvae penetrate the skin, often through bare feet.

It is important for kids to be educated about hygiene and sanitation to help prevent STH infections. A child infected with worms lacks the energy they need to learn and grow, and these children have shown a 23% drop in school attendance. Education within your business can make your good business ideas excel.