Good Business Branding

Joe Paterno on Branding
When it comes to business development, branding plays an important role. Famous college football coach Joe Paterno has some words of wisdom on the issue of branding. He has developed the Penn State football team into a strong brand that is recognized across the country. His philosophy is that it’s the name on the front of the football jersey which means more than the individual player. It doesn’t mean he advocates an army of marketing drones to pitch the company message, but rather it means adhering to brand standards at all times and keep our own politics out of the marketing process. In the age of social media, this is easier said then done and it makes it even more crucial for marketers to believe strongly in the brands they market. Another important thing to keep in mind, according to Joe, is that marketers should never rest on the success of a big campaign. Branding should be looked at as a long term effort rather than a sprint.

New Branding Campaign
Lenovo has launched a new branding campaign along with the introduction of new tablets in an attempt to grab the top spot in its marketing channel. Lenovo’s global branding campaign capitalizes on recent momentum that the company has built following the successful showing of new products at the Consumer Electronics Show. The campaign is called “For Those Who Do”, and it is focused on how Lenovo products are used by professionals in various industries to help them accomplish important tasks. A good example is one ad which shows a ThinkPad on the dash of a vehicle used by storm chasers. This marketing effort has helped to raise the profile of the company, but it is just one part of a push to boost business and change the company structure to better position Lenovo for the future.

TV Network Branding
The NBC Sports Group has announced that it will be branding the Versus channel as the NBC Sports Network next year. This change is part of a strategy by the network to create a more consistent branding framework across the country. Along with the name change, the brand will also get a redesigned logo. The new NBC Sports Network will be a 24/7 cable TV channel featuring stories and top-notch sports production and promotion. Versus has already been broadcasting many NBC Sports programs , and it has introduced other brand elements for its live broadcasts of NHL games, horse racing and college football. More of these changes should come in the future as the network changes its name and moves closer to the NBC brand. The name change represents a strategic alignment of businesses and a repositioning of the company to better fit the needs of all its stakeholders.

Branding and Stock Price
Branding has a lot to do with why the stock price of Microsoft has been stuck in a rut for the past five years while stocks like Apple have soared. Microsoft, leader of business development has achieved significant financial performance, yet it hasn’t translated to the market price. Microsoft is still perceived to be a laggard in the area of cutting edge technologies, while Google and Apple are perceived by investors to be leaders. Companies like Google and Apple market their products under one “monobrand”, while Microsoft has pursued a more mixed branding strategy. Microsoft’s portfolio is more complex and it can be argued that its brand strength is diluted by its many product categories, even though Bing, Xbox, Kinect and Windows are each profitable product categories. Microsoft has also not put as much money or effort into fixing this weak branding issue.