Software For Businesses

Free Business Cards Reader
A free business cards reader app is a great way to keep you updated with your business management. From ABBYY Software House can scan all your business cards and enter the data automatically into your contacts app. The Business Card Reader Lite can run on Android devices such as the Toshiba Thrive, which features a 5 MP rear camera. The app can scan the card and accurately convert the data to text, then integrate the data into the contact app you choose. It also gives you the option of looking up the contact on Facebook. The full version costs $9.99, and for this price you get added features like the ability to look up contacts on Twitter and LinkedIn, multiple language recognition and integrated address search with Google Maps. The Business Card Reader Lite is a good example of how powerful the latest mobile devices have become in terms of software, networking and hardware.

Small Business Software Solutions for Marketing Automation
Marketing automation small business software solutions are a recent offshoot of the CRM software space which are poised to make a huge impact on the marketing world. This space has grown so quickly over the last several years that there are now a large number of vendors offering this type of software to enterprise customers and the market for it is estimated to be $2.5 billion. What’s more, it is expected to continue doubling every year. Small businesses are driving this growth today, which is a change from the early years when it was primarily driven by large direct marketers and banks. The latest SaaS marketing automation solutions are designed to be user friendly and ultra sophisticated, helping to level the playing field for smaller firms. These software solutions effectively filled a market gap by providing an integrated solution for web marketing.

Business Intelligence Software Suite
Callident Solutions is offering a new suite of business intelligence software which is based on the Birst SaaS BI solution. The software promises to help enterprises to gain greater knowledge about their marketing performance and improve it. Birst, the market leader in cloud business intelligence and SaaS software and analytics is providing their cutting edge technology as a platform for new business intelligence solutions from Callident. This software suite offers advanced customer-facing analytics tools which are user friendly and affordable. Thanks to great teamwork between Callident and Birst, they were able to build a solution demo in just three weeks and sign up three new clients in 6 weeks. The business intelligence solutions are geared towards the small and medium business market, providing them with enterprise class intelligence for a competitive edge.

Microsoft CRM Support
Microsoft CRM support for the construction industry is being offered by Maxima, the leader in IT business systems and managed services in the construction industry. The company has recently launched a comprehensive new value added program of CRM solutions that will enable construction companies to manage all of their key business parameters more effectively From business development to sales, marketing and client support, the flexible software allows managers to provide top notch client support by project, contact, company or influencer. There are three versions of the CRM software available for the three major specializations in the construction industry. Consultants and architects, building products and manufacturers and suppliers will each benefit from a specialized solution designed with their business in mind. These new CRM support solutions for business management that will leverage the key developments in the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.