Cause Related Marketing Video By Acumen Fund

Cause Related Marketing Video By Acumen Fund

Cause related marketing can help businesses find new online business ideas.

A cause related marketing video by Acumen Fund on YouTube illustrates one example of how the Acumen fund invests in businesses that are changing the way the world tackles poverty.

The video by Fogelson-Lubliner focuses on the story of Husk Power in Bihar, India. With the help of an investment from Acumen Fund, the company was able to expand its unique solution for power generation to serve over 100,000 people in India today. It also features commentary from Acumen Fund founder Jacqueline Novogratz.

The mission of Acumen Fund is to create dignity, not dependence through choice, not charity. They combine business and philanthropy in groundbreaking ways to end the cycle of poverty. By investing in thriving enterprises like Husk Power around the world, the Fund’s capital can deliver both social and financial returns.

Acumen Fund Social Enterprise Investments in Africa

DSC01455 [Photo by NataPics] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Jacqueline Novogratz, the founder of Acumen Fund, remains intimately involved in the fund’s operations and investments in social enterprise around the world. She most recently traveled to East Africa to visit several Acumen Fund investees and the communities which have been transformed by these businesses.

In Northern Uganda she visits the Gulu Agricultural Development Company (GADC), which was Acumen’s first investment in Uganda. In 2009, the Ugandan government invited Bruce Robertson, a South African with fifteen years of cotton ginning experience in Western Uganda, to establish Gulu Agricultural Development Company.

His dream was to jumpstart an agricultural ecosystem in a neglected, complicated part of the world as part of his operations in South Africa, Kenya and other parts of the continent. Acumen has invested in GADC in collaboration with Root Capital to provide working capital so the company can realize its important mission.