Education can play a huge role in you being able to build, sustain and grow a business. When it comes to your business strategy, you need to make sure that you are keeping up to date with the latest trends, knowledge and news regarding your business.

Business Degrees Online
Business degrees online from the University of Minnesota have been ranked highly on a top 10 list for the best online bachelor’s degree programs in business administration. The UM BS degree in business management ranked number five on a national list with other prestigious programs like Penn State and Washington State University. The Best Colleges list is published by an online college search company located in San Antonio, Texas. The rankings are based on public data and produced using independent assessments for colleges in various academic disciplinary areas. The Best Colleges never accepts paid placements for their rankings list. The UM business degree is offered in an on campus program in Crookston, MN as well as an online version. The college has been expanding its online degree programs and now offers nearly 1/3 of its degree programs in online versions.

Eco Tourism Field Course
A new eco tourism field course has been set up in Costa Rica by the Texas AgriLife Nature Tourism program. The course is geared towards tourism professionals, community reps and landowners who want to learn about agritourism and eco tourism. It offers an introduction to some of the best that the industry has to offer in one of the greatest eco tourism destinations of the world, Costa Rica. The field course will be held in the last week of January, and details on pricing and activities can be found online. The field course will give participants hands on experience in eco tourism management and agritourism operation. Areas covered will be marketing, guide services, business management and other practical issues. The course will offer many useful tips on how eco tourism and agribusiness owners can improve their own operations.

Online Engineering College at the University of Illinois
The online engineering college at the University of Illinois is ranked highly nationwide for their leadership in engineering education. The engineering programs at Illinois offer a variety of options to suit graduate students in engineering and computer science, as well as those who want to take individual courses online or attend short courses which are noncredit. The advanced distance learning program offers an online Master’s degree option which can be completed from anywhere in the world, along with the option to study as an audit student and receive professional development hours or university graduate credit. It is possible to enroll in many of the distance learning courses offered by the college without being admitted to graduate school with these options. For the Fall 2011 semester, the college will offer several undergraduate engineering courses online as well.

Special Education Jobs for Teaching Grads
Special education jobs have become a new area of opportunity for teaching grads Canada, even as budget shortfalls are leading to job cuts in other areas of education. New teaching grads are facing a market with fewer job prospects in Calgary after the Board of Education cut almost 200 positions to plug a $61 million budget shortfall. Many special education students have conditions like autism, speech language delays and other learning disabilities which require a creative approach to lesson planning. Recent graduates agree that having specialized experience or education in a field like special education gives them an edge in the difficult job market. A combination of creativity, preparation and tech savvy are what is necessary today for new teachers to succeed in staying current amid budget cutbacks and larger classroom sizes. Learning about public speaking, being able to take control of a room and to lead members of your team will play a crucial role in your business strategy and growth.