Facebook E Commerce Services

Facebook can serve as a platform for some e commerce services for your business social networking, such as purchasing tickets to see live concerts via the startup Fansnap. The company’s idea is to use the social networking site to help sports teams and bands fill seats at their events. Some people are using the term “f commerce” to refer to this use of social media for direct sales. E commerce on Facebook is a fast growing space, with early manifestations being the wild success of social gaming thanks to Zynga. This company produced relatively primitive games and gave them away for free to Facebook users. The money is generated from the in-game transactions which involve virtual currency. This may seem like a counterintuitive strategy, but it has been successful enough to take Zynga all the way to an IPO filing in the near future.

New Social Networking Site
A new social networking site called Erly has been launched by a former partner of the Kleiner Perkins firm Eric Feng. While some may think the social networking space is already crowded, Feng believes there is room for another social networking site with a unique angle. Erly.com is built around experiences rather than people, and is designed to make it easy for people to organize their sites around events rather than friends who participate. Examples of the type of events Erly.com I focused on can include everything from bike rides to weddings and vacations. The new social network from Google, Google+, has so far failed to live up to the hype and compete with Facebook. But Feng has still managed to draw venture capital backing for his idea from his Kleiner Perkins peer John Doerr.

Social Network Enterprise CRM
Yammer, the social network for business, has plans to integrate with enterprise CRM provider Salesforce.com as it makes moves toward the intra-enterprise communication end of the market. The integration will all ow Yammer users to post details like sales leads, marketing campaigns, deals and more directly from Salesforce.com entries into a Yammer stream. Several months ago Yammer launched an activity stream API that allows information from virtually any application to be fed directly into Yammer. This is similar to the technology Zynga uses to push game scores and other details into Facebook feeds. Salesfore.com has an open social software API which made it easy for Yammer to develop an API that would capture activity streams from Salesforce.com. Yammer is compatible with many other popular business apps as it pulls data from a variety of departmental apps and condenses it into one stream.

TweetDeck Twitter Tool
TweetDeck is a popular Twitter tool that allows for social media management. It has just been acquired by Twitter, which will likely provide the funding for better software and support. The company has promised to “continue to invest in the TweetDeck that users know and love.” This is good news for the software’s core audience, which tend to be the most active, influential and valuable users of Twitter and social media overall. Currently Twitter’s website and official mobile clients provide the user interface for most users, but TweetDeck is now expected to fill that role for brands, influences, and highly active power users. TweetDeck will remain a separate product division within Twitter as a business social networking tool, and will receive added funding for software development. It will remain a primary tool for Twitter management but offer support for other social media services as a secondary feature.