Educational Toys in Sri Lanka
Some of the best business ideas come from inspirational business leaders. Children value their toys above other possessions, and the best educational toys can transport a child into a different and better world where their imagination and creativity are inspired. Toys made of wood are fun are simple but can be educational and inspirational for kids. A family in Bambalapitya, Sri Lanka owns an inspiring toy shop full of enchanting wooden toys which has attracted a loyal following within the country. Soon they were exporting many items and expanding their operations. As the business evolved, the husband and wife duo set up Wood 4 Kidz, a company catering g to the domestic clientele . This helped them to streamline their operations. There are numerous ways that wooden toys can promote learning. Toys for learning are meant to encompass the social, intellectual, emotional and physical growth of a child. Toys like wooden floor puzzles, for example, can teach patience, while toys like building blocks teach color and shape recognition, spatial relationship awareness and other motor skills.

Australian Educational Toys
Billycarts and Ballerinas is not your average toy store. This shop in Toowoomba, Australia is more like a new age concept store that requires kids to use their imaginations. The educational toys sold here do not require batteries and are made to last longer than an afternoon. According to owner Tam Lattimore, they try to avoid selling anything that is too gadgety. Their goal is to inspire kids to use their creativity and imagination, and to get physically involved in playing with toys. They also sell a lot of items which are not mass-produced. Ms. Lattimore is a primary school teacher who decided to use her educational background in the business world, and she continues to promote education through the play-based products the company sells. Ms. Lattimore uses social media to promote her business, and says that sites like Facebook have been invaluable in promotions and networking with other businesses as well.

LeapFrog Educational Toy
LeapFrog Enterprises is a leader in educational toy products and technology. The company has created many award-winning products, including a new ‘Scout’s ABC Garden’ app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that is now available in the App Store. This app is fully loaded with features that have made LeapFrog a leader in the educational toy space, and it brings the company’s top-selling plush toys Scout and Violet to life as they teach letters and sounds to young children. Children are encouraged to explore letter names and sounds step by step, and each child’s experience is customized based on his or her name, favorite food, favorite color and favorite animal. The personalization runs throughout the game, which helps to hold attention while delivering game content that is tailored to a child’s individual interests.

Borders Educational Toy Offerings
Borders is teaming with GREENZYS, which is a premiere literacy-based, eco-friendly children’s brand, to add to its educational toy and game offerings in-store and online. The bookstore chain will carry the Greenzys book along with several plush toys that depict characters from the book. The book is a heart-warming story that teaches kids about the the value of environmental conservation. Featured toys will include Willow the Elephant, Yew Yew the Panda, Peat the Penguin and Violet the Giraffe. A company spokesman said that the inclusion of this brand advances their commitment to expand Borders’ offerings beyond books. For each GREENZYS toy purchased at Borders, the company will sponsor the planting of a tree in a US forest via the Arbor Day Foundation. Kids and parents can visit the Greenzys website to receive a personalized digital certificate acknowledging their planted tree contribution. There are endless examples of best business ideas that can help you.