Viral Marketing Campaigns

Viral Marketing Campaigns
Viral marketing campaigns have the potential to change a company or transform good business ideas within a short period of time, and managers can utilize this energy to restructure their business and tap new markets. Viral marketing can also cut costs on your other marketing campaigns, and it can rally your employees around an exciting new effort. Giving employees a sense of ownership on the campaign is crucial to making the effort successful, because the best viral marketing campaigns start at the grassroots level. There are some key elements to a good viral marketing program, including focusing attention on what the latest buzz is today, and the use of raw and direct messages that have a personal feel. The focus should be on benefits to employees who participate, and the campaign should rely on direct communications between employees rather than going through formal channels.

New Viral Marketing Ad
A new viral marketing video features the “iPad Head Girl”, who walks around New York City wearing an iPad helmet which completely surrounds her head. It’s party of a campaign by Hearst to promote Cosmo for Guys, which is an iPad magazine. Those who cannot resist touching the iPad helmet gets to see sample pages of Cosmo for Guys. The magazine will only be available via iPad. Thinkmodo is the marketing team behind the iPad Head Girl, and the iPad helmet design is certainly innovative. The 4 iPads surrounding her head project video of each side of her head, but the model could not actually see through the iPads. She navigated the streets of New York with a video camera in her purse attached to a pair of video glasses.

Viral Marketing Investment
MyDala is a group buying site which is investing in viral marketing as a way to acquire new customers. The website, based in New Delhi, has already tripled its customer base within just 3 months and raised over Rs 9 crore in venture capital. The company’s young CEO, Anisha Singh, notes that most of the current 3 million users are active users, and that the average number of transactions on the site runs about 2,500 per day. The company launched multi-cart as a way to let users purchase more than 1 deal at a time, and this gave a real boost to sales in 2011. The company has engaged in more merchant partnerships in the last several months, with close to 10,000 active merchant partners this month. MyDala has launched the MyDala Mall, which allows merchants to create their own online stores and showcase products on the site.

Terra Nova Viral Marketing
Terra Nova, a new show on Fox, has launched a viral marketing campaign which includes an app with daily updates and a special test. This test is designed to measure your eligibility for the 11th Pilgrimage, and the app also features a sweepstakes that’s running until September 26th. There is also a Terra Nova website with all the latest trivia and news on the show, including inside info from the show’s writers. Based on this viral marketing, it appears that the main characters in the show were selected via lottery or based on skill to journey back in time. The website also gives users the opportunity to embed and share widgets, and this site also has plenty of information on the new show for your good business ideas. There is also a widget which is counting down the days until the show launch.