green business ideas

Eco Friendly Carpet Floor Tiles
In order to find new business ideas for your business, there are plenty of good examples worldwide. Eco friendly carpet floor tiles from FLOR are a great design choice for modern lifestyles. The company has developed an innovative flooring system which allows homeowners to mix and match 50 cm modular carpet floor tiles. It is easy to create a custom floor design in any shape and size. FLOR tiles are a great option for wall to wall carpeting, rugs, or runner. Another advantage of this flooring option is that is can be easily changed to suit your changing needs over time. FLOR is dedicated to environmental responsibility in all aspects of business, from deign to manufacture, reclaim and recycling of old carpet tiles. FLOR carpet tiles are made with recycled and renewable content, including post consumer waste and natural, un-dyed wool. They are also one of the lowest VOC emitting flooring choices.

Breakfast Cereal Goes Green
The breakfast cereal company Malt-O-Meal has launched a new campaign they call “Bag the Box.” The company is changing the packaging used for their cereals by doing away with the cardboard box. A cereal box is redundant and unnecessary packaging, since the bag inside is already protecting the product and keeping it fresh. The reason why cereal boxes become so popular was as a form of advertising. By eliminating the cereal box, Malt-O-Meal will use 75% less material to present their cereals on grocery shelves. This saves energy in the packaging process, and also cuts down on the amount of waste that is produced by households that buy the cereal. A critique of the company’s new plastic bag packaging is that it is not as recyclable as cardboard. However, but partnering with TerraCycle, Malt-O-Meal has ensured that there will be zero waste produced.

Pre Fabricated Eco Houses
Eco Building Products (ECOB) is looking to market their pre fabricated eco houses in the African countries of Ghana, South Africa and Tanzania. The goal is to provide local housing options at competitive prices which are environmentally sustainable. Local representatives for the company will gather intelligence on which building designs are most suitable for a variety of local requirements in each country. All proceeds that are earned from the sales of the homes will be donated to Pathways/Africa, an NPO dedicated to helping African communities. Due to the fact that world housing demands are much greater than those in the US, the company has responded by bringing their technically advanced and environmental sustainable building concepts to countries where lumber is not a viable building material. Most of the ECOB pre fabrication work is carried out in the US and then deployed to other countries

Self Catering Holiday Cottages in South Devon
Self catering holiday cottages are a popular option for vacationers to the South Devon coast of the UK. There are two brand new luxury holiday cottages called Ocean Views in the Soar Mill Cove Hotel property which will be available to rent early next year. These vacation villas offer expansive sea views from single story apartments with 2 bedrooms that can sleep up to 6 people individually. They can also be linked together into a single suite to accommodate up to 12 guests. These holiday cottages also give guests access to the facilities at the Soar Mill Cove luxury hotel at no charge. The newly designed Ocean Views are built to the latest eco friendly standards with a variety of features to minimize their environmental impact such as a grass roof and rain harvesting. Staying overnight can give you a chance to relax but also find new business ideas to create.