Business Ideas

Rural Home Business Idea
If you are thinking of new business ideas, there are many businesses that have had a large amount of success. The US Small Business Administration (SBA)is focused on promoting rural small businesses as they are the heart of their communities. One example of a successful home business idea that benefited from SBA assistance is Fat Brain Toy Company, based in the small Nevada town of Elkhorn. This company develops and markets intellectually challenging games for kids, and has expanded to include thousands of new products. It all began with an idea 8 years ago by web developer Mark Carson to create a site that specialized in educational toys, after he found that there were few such options online at the time. He also realized that many of the custom, specialty toys he wanted to sell were not available in the mass market retail stores and realized he’d found a niche. Fat Brain Toys began looking for financing to purchase inventory ahead of the 2005 holiday shopping season, and received a line of credit form an SBA-backed lender.

Business Tech Innovation
Business tech enables great new opportunities through the development of revolutionary products. Visionaries like Steve Jobs have driven social change through technoloy, but there are signs that this era of innovation may be drawing to a close. Not only has Steve Jobs stepped down from the helm of Apple, but Google has also killed its experimental Google Labs along with Slide, Aardvark and many other services and products. These changes are taking place in the name of monetization, with huge price hikes on the horizon for the Google App Engine. Server costs may increase by at least thirty times to move closer to the pricing scheme of Salesforce’s Heroku platform. From a business perspective these moves make a lot of sense, as it allows the company to focus on fewer projects and cut the bureaucracy. AT the same time, critics argue they are squashing innovation.

Investment in Ireland Green Technology
Investment in Ireland green technology is being highlighted in a recent report commissioned by the British government, in which the growth of the sustainable economy was valued at over $5 trillion during the period of 2008 to 2009 alone. According to a separate UN report, over $200 billion went into the area of renewable energy investment alone in 2010. The EU has proven to be an especially hospitable environment for green investment, with member nations embracing a variety of methods to boost alternative technologies within their borders. Some successful methods include the implementation of tax incentives and feed-in tariffs which are both popular in Ireland. The country is trying to meet an ambitious goal of developing new business ideas such as the renewable energy sector and becoming a global leader in the area by 2020.