How to Write a Blog That Becomes Famous

One of the most popular online business ideas is blogging. It is possible, in theory, for anyone to write a blog that becomes famous and gets as much attention as the traditional media outlets. The blogosphere has grown over the last decade to become culturally and politically relevant enough to influence elections and corporate policy. Some of the most popular blogs to day have millions of readers thanks to the interactive and enjoyable experience they provide. To start a blog which one day may become famous, you should select a particular niche and choose a title that will be catchy and will reflect what your blog is about. Next, you should decide how frequently you will post to our blog. Advice on the ideal posting frequency varies, but the bottom line is that you should write whatever and whenever you want because it is the quality of the content that matters most.

Content Discovery On Top Blog Sites
Outbrain is the top content recommendation service on the web, and their related link widgets can be found on top blog sites like The Daily Beast, as well as popular news sites like USA Today. They have released to their blog their first ever study of content discovery trends online, with revealing insight into how people access content across the internet. The study revealed that while search still drives the majority of content discovery, social media is beginning to carve out its own niche. The study analyzed Q1 2011 statistics of traffic patterns from publishers that are using their platform. They found that among traffic to content pages (articles and video), about one-third of content discovery starts form external sites. The other two-thirds comes form directly accessing the site through type-ins, bookmarks and in-site links. The top three sources of external traffic to content pagers were Google, AOL and Yahoo respectively. Social networking sites Facebook and Twitter came in 4th and 8th, respectively.

Search For Share Trading in Sharetivity
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