Key Trends in SEO Advertising
The local SEO advertising industry for business management is always changing and growing, which makes it both exciting and challenging for participants. Local online advertising has experienced strong growth in recent years and this positive trend looks set to continue. A research group forecasts a doubling of local online ad revenues by 2015 to $45 billion in the US market. SEO is different from other forms of online advertising, but it shares the same objectives for its clients. Reaching local consumers via online advertising has became a priority for both local and national businesses as the internet has taken over the role that was served by the traditional local media in the past. A recent survey of local SEOs shows that about 31% experienced client turnover of less than $30,000 in the last year. The volume of client turnover varied distinctly based on the type of SEO.

Best Internet Advertising on Facebook
The best internet advertising on Facebook can help online retailers to stay ahead of the curve in one of the competitive online ad venues. The latest social media advertising trend for retailers is to cater to a growing number of users who are reaching websites from sites other than search engines. Growth in online retail sales have slowed this year to 7.5%, which is the lowest rate of growth ever recorded and is indicative of a maturing market. Online retailers must continue to innovate via new platforms and channels in order to hold onto their online market share and to grow it. This means moving beyond the website towards investment in social networking ads, with Facebook being the top site in this category. Facebook already boasts twice the number of page views as Google in the UK, making it a focal point for marketers.

StumbleUpon vs. Search Engines
StumbleUpon ads refer more visitors to websites than Facebook, which is ten times larger. Stumble Ads are also cheap, costing 5 cents per visitor. Unlike the ads from search engines like Google or Bing, one needn’t bid for position or frequency. The cost is a flat nickel for everyone. For this price StumbleUpon delivers a visitor that has searched their “discovery engine” using a key term that corresponds with a certain category, like Children’s Books or Sports Equipment, for example. While this seems like an excellent way to drive traffic to a website, there is a downside. The StumbleUpon system for business management allows visitors to bounce off one site and onto the next quickly, so sites are seldom examined at length and the quality of the visitors is unknown. Therefore, ROI is not very high as visitors do not translate into buyers frequently enough. This means that traffic from search engine results is still the top way of generating sales online.