Building A Strong Management Team For Your Company

The leadership that your management team provides will go a long way toward determining the success of your company. They will be in charge of motivating, coaching and supervising other managers and employees throughout the company. If they don’t have the proper vision and leadership skills, your company is not going anywhere fast.

Can Your Managers Create A Plan
It isn’t enough for your management team to be able to execute a plan. You want them to be able to come up with plans of their own. As a business owner, you can’t be there to oversee everything that is going on. You may not be able to notice a trend in a particular market or be aware of every new technological innovation. The management team that you put in place must be able to see these things and create new goals based on the realities of the market.

Will People Follow Them
Employees are expected to follow the lead of their managers because they are higher up in the chain of command. However, you want managers that will inspire those employees to want to do more. A worker who hates his boss may just put in the bare minimum required. How does that help the employee or the company? You need someone who is respected enough that he can give an order and everyone follows through without question.

Do They Further Your Brand
Can your management team work with you to further the brand that you want to create? Keep in mind that this group represents the stewards of your brand. If they do not believe in the same things that you do, they may not be the best fit for your company. Your management team needs to be a continuation of what you would do. Make sure that you take this into consideration when choosing your managers.

Will They Be Employees For The Long-Term
How long can you realistically expect your management team to stick around? Choose people who are more interested in living and dying for your company as opposed to getting out as soon as the company goes public. Loyalty counts in a time when talented managers go from company to company for bigger paychecks, more perks and a chance to cement their own legacy.

What Type Of Skills are You Looking For
The skill set that each manager brings to the table should qualify them to be leaders. Those who cannot do are in no position to teach or lead others. Respect comes from accomplishment as opposed to the name that you are bringing in. CEO Charles Phillips of Oracle could not do his job properly if he didn’t have the right experience and skills to be the leader.

Find managers that can lead, execute their own plans and will represent the brand for a long time. These are the type of people who will inspire confidence in yourself, shareholders and employees. Failure to possess these traits will result in the failure of your company.