Making a Distance Education Program Pay Off
A distance education program can pay off for students as a great way to earn an advanced degree and step up their careers into business management. These programs can be completed around your schedule with no commute to a campus required. They also give you access to universities anywhere in the world, and employers are taking distance education more seriously then ever before. However, this doesn’t mean that distance education is the right choice for everyone. It takes a lot of discipline to stick to these programs, more so then traditional college courses. For those who find live discussion motivating, hybrid programs that include some classroom time may be a better fit. Also, those looking to expand their career contacts may be better served by traditional programs that provide more face to face networking opportunities.

Distance Education Program in Adapted Physical Education
A novel distance education program in adapted physical education at Western Michigan University is proving to be a popular choice among students. Thanks to a federal grant, the new hybrid, online master’s degree is growing rapidly. This is no doubt due in part to its free tuition. Enrollment in the program trains physical education teachers how to work with children who have physical or mental disabilities. It has significantly increased in size and scope thanks to the $1.18 million grant from the US Department of Education, with enrollment jumping to 27 currently accepted students. Another eleven have been recruited to being the program in the fall of 2012. The grant was awarded to Dr. Jiabei Zhang, a WMU professor of health, physical education and recreation, and it covers tuition and textbooks for students in the program.

Free Distance Education Program
A free distance education program in Houston Texas is helping adults go back to school through their computers. The “Distance First” program features classes to help students to enhance their individual educational goals and needs. Students who agree to take advantage of the program are tested and placed into a self-paced distance education program, and participation also raises them to the top of the waiting list for traditional classes. The 30-hour Distance First course is facilitated by an online instructor and support staff, and students can use computer labs at the Harris County Department of Education (HCDE) adult learning facilities, or work through their personal computers from the convenience of their own homes. An HCDE director said that the program is designed to help adult students overcome common roadblocks to going back to school, such as lack of time and transportation.

NC State Online Engineering College
The NC State online engineering college is designed with working professionals in mind. Students can take credit courses in the fields of computer science and engineering directly from their home or office online. The school offers both undergraduate and graduate level courses and degree programs in five engineering sub-fields They also allow students to enroll in professional development courses. The college requires that students have computers which meet minimum specifications for online courses in order to properly display the engineering courses, which employ a lot of video content. In a typical online course, students watch lectures online and obtain assignments and supplemental materials via course websites, where they also submit their completed assignments. Each class typically features two or three tests during a semester, which can be taken on campus or proctored off site that will deliver you towards your goals for business management.