Guerilla Marketing Business Strategy For Film
Polypore is an indie film mystery about a recent college graduate who gains telepathic powers and begins to use these powers, which gets him entangled in the plans of a major pharma company which is creating a disease so that it can then sell the antidote. The producers have been highly involved in a guerilla marketing strategy for the film, and began promoting it as soon as production started in 2010. They modeled the strategy on the successful promotional campaigns used by “The Blair Witch Project”, and have produced online viral video contests related to the film. They are also considering some wilder ideas like organizing fake protests in New York which are sure to garner media attention. The producers are hoping that Polypore will be picked up and distributed by a larger company once it is completed and shown at various film festivals this fall.

Guerilla Marketing Strategies
Just like guerrilla warfare, guerilla marketing strategies are by definition unconventional, and designed to generate significant results with limited expense. This can be a good fit for smaller companies that are agile and flexible, and guerilla tactics usually rely more on sweat equity than financial investment. The street team is one of the most common forms of guerilla marketing, where a group of people work together to promote a product, brand or event via face-to-face interaction with consumers in public places. Winning at street team marketing requires grabbing the attention of consumers at a location where there is significant “noise” competing for their focus. Then you have to provide them with promotional material that they won’t immediately toss, and leave a favorable impression. The best street teams utilize innovative and entertaining strategies for engaging the public, versus just handing out samples or fliers.

Video Hosting Websites Like YouTube
Several video hosting websites like YouTube have launched in recent years, although YouTube remains by far the biggest and best in the world. However, YouTube has faced some criticism over server outages, copyright crackdowns and a 10 minute cap, among other issues, and some users are looking for an alternative. Fortunately, there are several free hosting sites where you can easily display streaming video other than YouTube. Most also provide code that enables users to embed videos into other sites as well. Vimeo Video is one example of a cool YouTube alternative that has been operating since 2004 that you can use as part of your business strategy for online marketing. It follows the Web 2.0 template in terms of design, and also includes some excellent privacy options which are highly configurable. For example, the site allows users to create access controls that allow only certain people to view videos you post.