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Cloud Software for Business
SuccessFactors is SaaS software for business execution and for successful entrepreneurs that is used by major companies like Barco to coordinate global operations. There are currently over 3.700 users of SuccessFactors software in Belgium, which makes it one of the largest cloud software deployments in the country. The software, which is also known as BizX, helps companies like Barco to manage their operations via a simple, integrated platform based in cloud technology to connect employees around the world, manage HR and boost efficiency. The software allows all employees to easily complete their performance reviews via the SuccessFactor Performance and Goal Management software. This tool allows both managers and employees to set and review goals which are in line with company strategy, as well as access employee information and plot career development and training strategies.

Proprietary Mobile Marketing Software
Augme Technologies is a leader in proprietary mobile marketing software. Their full service software solutions utilize patented technology to enable the largest brands int eh world to build, deploy, plan and track their mobile marketing campaigns and how they are playing out with target audiences. The company has experienced rapid growth and to meet the growing demand they have recently acquired Hipcricket Inc, a Seattle based mobile advertising firm for over $44 million. Hipcricket is a key acquisition for Augme because of its industry leading position. The company recently hosted its 130,000th mobile marketing campaign, and in 2011 alone they managed over 30,000 successful campaigns spanning a wide range of mobile platforms. Hipcricket has expertise in SMS, CRM, MMS, mobile coupons, mobile social marketing, branded apps, QR codes, mobile web and many more.

Leading E-Commerce Software
EasyAsk is a leader in e-commerce software which is the first choice of DollarDays International for their search and merchandising needs. DollarDays, a premier online wholesale company, relies on e-commerce search for many aspects of its business. The company can appreciate the natural language conversion offered by EasyAsk eCommerce Edition to help drive customer from the home page to the products they are searching for in just one click. This efficiency has been shown to increase both purchases and revenues. With a selection of over 140,000 products on its site which are grouped into more than 5,000 categories, DollarDays requires the most advanced software to manage this complexity. They also serve as a wholesaler to small businesses, so their catalog must be continuously updated for to keep pace with new products and seasonal promotions.

Enterprise Software News
The latest enterprise software news on Infor ERP Software is that a customer has filed suit against the enterprise resource planning software vendor to counter the company’s demands for $400,000 in license fees, calling the demands absurd. ATI Ladish is a manufacturer of specialty metals which brought the action against Infor ERP Software in US District Court last week. The additional licensing agreement goes back to 2005 and involved an initial $82,000 fee. Following the merger of Ladish with another metal manufacturing company this year, Infor alleged that ATI Ladish was in violation the licensing agreement and had to pay an additional amount. Following a series of emails and meetings to try to reach an agreement, the conflict escalated to the legal arena. ATI Ladish notes that the proposed assignment fees are over 4 times the initial cost of the licensing agreement.