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Sweden Vacation to Eco-lodge
Sweden has a beautiful natural environment, and the Kolarbyn eco-lodge, owned and developed by successful entrepreneurs provides the perfect opportunity for visitors to experience it up close on a unique Sweden vacation. This can be the ultimate retreat for city dwellers who are feeling disconnected from nature, providing an opportunity to turn off all their digital gear and reconnect with the earth, sky, and forest to restore a sense of balance and serenity. The eco-lodge is located by Lake Skarsjon and features twelve charming forest huts. Each is equipped with a cozy sheepskin run, a wood-burning fireplace, and nothing more. The eco-lodge offers a floating sauna on the lake that is free during the summer months only. Guests can enjoy fishing, hiking, birdwatching, tracking wolves, moose safaris and beaver watching tours. A DIY dinner here can consist of your catch of the day cooked up over an open fire with a gorgeous lake view, but you must be willing to chop your own wood and use an outhouse.

Lapland Finland Tourism
The Lapland region of Finland provides meaningful experiences for a wide range of tourists. The amazing natural environment and unique climate of Lapland are sure to stimulate the senses, so it’s no wonder that Lapland is a premier destination for Finland tourism. Nature walks, canoeing and camping are all popular activities in the region. Lapland offers something special in each of its four, distinct seasons. The winter season accounts for half of the year in Lapland, and provides for some amazing icy adventures for those who are prepared with the proper attire and an open mind. Lapland features sweeping forests and aapa bogs which are a haven of biodiversity, known for their rich variety of bird life and expansive rivers. The reindeer is an iconic symbol that can be found throughout Lapland as well.

Green Gadget
Logitech has introduced a solar powered wireless keyboard for the Mac which uses a 2.4 gigahertz Unifying receiver to connect to a user’s system. This green gadget, like its counterpart for the PC, uses solar cells which can power its operation via ambient light or sunlight. When fully charged, this keyboard can operate in total darkness for up to 3 months. The keyboard can be purchased online and shipped anywhere in the US and Europe. The suggested retail price is $59.99 and the keyboard is available in five different colors. Another cool green gadget is the K3 wind and solar charger, which is an off the grid charger for mobile phones and other electronic devices. The charger can generate power through a combination of wind and solar energy. It is ideal for those who live in climates which are not always conducive to solar charging

Green Solar Gadget
The Solio Bolt, developed by successful entrepreneurs is the latest green gadget from Solio which offers advanced solar charging for your mobile devices. It includes advanced, high efficiency solar panels that rotate to catch the most ray. This compact device can generate enough power to charge up an e-reader twice over. Priced at $70, the first run of these devices sold out quickly and the company is now taking pre orders for their next batch which will be released by the middle of September. The device uses a lithium-polymer 3.7 volt/2000 mAh batter which can also be plugged into a wall outlet or USB port to charge it up. Weighing just 5 ounces and measuring under 5 inches across, it is the smallest and lightest offering from Solio to date. The Bolt can charge almost any mobile device except for notebook computers.