viral marketing

Viral Marketing With Facebook Places
Viral marketing campaigns can help business development. It can benefit from using Facebook Places, the new location-based service that is inspiring many businesses to develop creative marketing initiatives. The Facebook Places check-in service helps companies build their fan base while they reward and engage their customers. The service enables viral marketing because every check-in appears int eh news feed of each user’s friends. Businesses can craft incentives for customers who choose to visit their locations or participate in their events. Facebook Places allows business users to structures offers without fees, unlike other services like Living Social and Groupon. For example, money-off vouchers can be created to enable both group and individual discounts, and companies can also specify how discounts should be redeemed. The site also allows charity offers to be created where a certain amount can be donated based on a given number of check-ins.

Viral Marketing Tips
Viral marketing tips include providing an emotional reward to users, which will encourage them to spread the marketing message to others. People naturally want to share things that find emotionally appealing, whether it’s funny, shocking, cool or cute. Another key to viral marketing campaigns is to not overproduce. This means that the ads should be spontaneous and authentic, rather than too polished. A good example is the T-Mobile flash mob event in London. This worked because it was fun and engaging, not because it was perfect. Rather than show people things to aspire to, what works best on social media is showing people things they can relate to. Viral marketing cannot be controlled, so once you release a campaign you must be prepared for it to evolve and mutate in unexpected ways when it comes to business development.