brand design

Successful entrepreneurs have a lot to offer. Even the companies and businesses that are not socially responsible, can provide guidance in terms of how to make a successful business. It will be up to you however, to ensure that you maintain a high level of social responsibility within your planning and practice.

Coca-Cold Brand Design
Ad agency Bulletproof worked with the Coca-Cola brand team to articulate a brand design rationale that aligned with the strategic direction and global ’125 Years’ anniversary of the company. They helped to provide a design framework and logic that made a case for resurrecting the rich visual history of the Coca-Cola brand. This brand has been very successful over the years at creating recognizable, consistent, relevant and timeless emotional connections with it’s consumers. Coca-Cola has been able to associate itself with occasions and memories through it’s clever use of design, and has set the benchmark for encapsulating moments. Designers felt it would be wrong not to look back into the company’s heritage rich archives, to create a design system that helps reconnect consumers with the emotional side of the brand. They came up with the commemorative 330ml cans featuring the Varga girls to capture this retro sentiment.

Volkswagen Beetle Brand Design
The heads of brand design for Volkswagen set out to create a new original for the VW Beetle. Unveiled earlier this week in Shanghai ahead of the motor show, the third generation Beetle distinguishes itself from its two predecessors by simply being called “The Beetle”. It features a design that is more bold, dynamic and masculine. This car is wider, lower and longer then previous models, which lends a sporty edge to the design, yet it also sacrifices a bit of height. The company says that tall adults can still fit into the back without hitting their heads, though. It is still recognizable as a Beetle, but has lost some of its cutesy charm. The new car claims to place driving fun at the forefront with a focus on agility that was not present in the older models.

Moleskine App Brand Design
Loyal fans of the Moleskine brand of journals will love the brand design of the new Moleskine note taking-app for iPhone. It also supports sketching, and can overlay text and sketches on images, giving you many choices for customizing how your notes look. However, there is no search functionality in the app, and audio files are not supported. There is no text alignment formatting, bullet points or lists. The free app is designed to mimic the look and feel of its namesake classic notebook, but it is not as handy as Evernote or Aweson Note (+Todo) in terms of functionality. The Moleskine app includes diagrams that will show you how to use all the features in the app. The primary functions are creating new notes, typing, drawing or sketching, importing images and assigning categories and labels to notes.

photo by: levork