TED Talk By Jane Chen on a Life-Saving Invention

Jane Chen’s Nonprofit Embrace

271/365 - Death Toll Rises to 100; Number of Displaced People Up To Over 450,000 [Photo by Helga Weber] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Jane Chen is one of the leading successful entrepreneurs and the co-founder and CEO of Embrace, a nonprofit social enterprise that helps millions of vulnerable babies born every year in developing countries through a low-cost infant warmer solution.

Jane’s background includes a blend of business and social sector experience, as she previously worked with nonprofit organizations on healthcare issues in developing countries. She spent several years as the Program Director of an HIV/AIDS startup in China, and also worked for the Clinton Foundation’s HIV/AIDS Initiative in Tanzania.

She worked at Monitor Group as a management consultant where she advised Fortune 500 companies in the Asia Pac region on strategy development, marketing, and acquisitions. Jane earned an MBA from Stanford University and a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard. In 20098 Chen was named as a TEDIndia Fellow.

TED Talk By Jane Chen on a Life-Saving Invention

Heart [Photo by seyed mostafa zamani] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Jane Chen gave a TED Talk about a life-saving invention for the developing world that can save millions of premature babies from death each year.

The portable design is safe, low-cost and very effective in areas where access to incubators is limited by costs and distance. Premature babies struggle to stay alive because they can’t regulate their own body temperature. These babies are so tiny that they don’t have enough fat on their bodies to stay warm, and many die each year without access to incubators.

Jane and her team realized that a local solution was need that could work without electricity, and was simple enough for a mother or midwife to use. So they came up with a design that looks nothing like an incubator, but rather a small sleeping bag for a baby. It can be opened up completely, is waterproof , and there are no seams inside so it’s easy to sterilize.