How to Build a Crowdfunding Platform in the Philippines: Justin Garrido, Cofounder of

In today’s episode of the Social Entrepreneurship Series, we are actually in location in the Philippines.

I’m here in the Philippines for the next 5 days because my cousin’s getting married: Woohoo!

But at the same time, I’m celebrating Philippine Social Entrepreneurship by interviewing Justin Garrido, Cofounder of – a crowdfunding platform which helps social enterprises, social entrepreneurs and projects in the Philippines that make a difference.

Why is this interview with Justin useful and interesting for you?

#1) Crowdfunding is actually a major trend in the world right now. And talking to an actual cofounder who is building a crowdfunding platform in the Philippines is really exciting and interesting to listen to.

-How does he do it?
-What is crowdfunding all about?
-and How can crowdfunding help your social entreprenurship idea get launched and get off the ground?

#2) Justin actually talks about his advice for social entrepreneurs.

-How to get involved in social entrepreneurship
-He even gives you tips about how to make tough decisions as a social entrepreneur

Stay tuned to listen to today’s interview with Justin Garrido, co founder of

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