What resources, skills, drives, motivations do need to get your social project started? - Ask Matt: Live from Jerusalem, Israel

Hey everybody, it’s Matthew Alberto – live in Jerusalem, Israel.

It’s the next day and I’ve had a good sleep.

Later today, I’m actually going to meet with a number of social entrepreneurship bloggers from around the world. They’ll come here soon and we’re going to have dinner together, and I’m waiting on them.

Today I just explored a bit of Jerusalem. In the background, you can actually see the old city of Jerusalem which is a holy land for a number of the world’s major religions, including Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

So it’s an honour and privelege to be here.

Also while I’m here, it’s a very windy day but very sunny too. It’s quite beautiful.

While I’m here with a beautiful view of Jerusalem, I thought it would be great to answer a budding and eager question from one of our audience members.

Resources, Skills, Drives & Motivations for a Successful Social Project

A few weeks ago, someone actually messaged me and asked me this question:

“What resources, skills, drives, motivations do need to get your social project started and to succeed?”

This is a great question to get us kickstarted before we meet a number of social projects and social entrepreneurs across Jerusalem.

Today’s Adventures Around Emek Refa’im & the Old City, Jerusalem, Israel

Dinner with Top Social Entrepreneurship Bloggers
incl. Alex from PioneersPost.com, Peter from SocialExecutive.com & Tristan from SocialEarth.com
Thanks to Joanna & Adi from Kinetis – Vibe Israel for bringing us all together

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