3 Inspirations For Your Self-Leadership

Understanding leadership and social networking for business are just as important for social entrepreneurs as it is for traditional entrepreneurs.

Though social entrepreneurs have the added responsibility of thinking about the external, social impact of their business practices. Leadership is about taking responsibility for yourself, your team and the environment around you.

Self-Leadership Comes From Within

The concept of self-leadership concentrates on leadership from within. Usually, when we think of leadership, we think of one proclaimed leader who has followers supporting them.

Self-leadership, however, is about how everyone has the capacity to be a leader. Leadership becomes more about understanding yourself and your responsibilities, and taking directed action, rather than having authority over others. Self-leadership is about taking responsibility and direction for your own life.

Social entrepreneurs must be leaders, and must understand it – because essentially, they must understand themself.

Understanding yourself – your strengths, weaknesses, and personal passion – is highly significant for achieving social impact that is influential and effective.

3 Quotes to Help Motivate Your Self-Leadership

Michael Tucker, who heads Xtreme Business International, is a very interesting guy devoted to supporting social entrepreneurs especially in the USA. He has written an article called ‘The Price of Respect is Self-leadership‘ over at the Social Entrepreneur Forum.

There are 3 main quotes from his article that stand out, and may be useful to inspire your own social leadership:

  • If you cannot lead your self you can’t lead anyone else.
  • Self-leadership is important because it ensures that you materialize your goals and most importantly that you build self confidence.
  • People can’t help but admire and respect someone that has applied discipline to their life to accomplish a goal.

Share Your Inspirations That Drive Your Self-Leadership

How about for you? What inspires you? What social networking for business skills do you use through leadership? Share some inspirational quotes that motivate your own social leadership.