3 Reasons to Check Out Social Entrepreneurship in Israel + Announcing Free Giveaways

Hey everybody, it’s Matthew Alberto here.

I’m live on location at Guandi Temple in Taiwan.

I’ve got a great announcement today. I’ve got 3 reasons why you should be checking out the next couple of videos especially as I go to Israel.

Why should you be watching them?

1) The first reason is that I’m actually going to Israel with 3 other major social entrepreneurship experts. In particular, they’ll be social entrepreneurship bloggers from Pioneer Post, Social Executive and Social Earth. These 3 bloggers from these blogs are major players in the social entrepreneurship space, and I’m going with them.

Vibe Israel actually organised the trip for us, and they were looking for the top social entrepreneurship bloggers. The 4 of us were each chosen from around the world. So check out the videos if you want to learn more about social entrepreneurship from around the world.

2) The second main reason that you should watch these videos and following along is that you’ll be learning more about the social entrepreneurship scene in Israel, and it’s going to be alot of fun. You’ll learn more about the culture. You’ll meet different people from there and we’re even going to try to taste some of the food and learn some of the language and I’ll video tape it all so you can see and experience it all with me.

3) The third reason that you should watch the upcoming videos with me in Israel is because I’m giving you a number of FREE GIVEAWAYS. They’ll be cool stuff from Israel. In particular, I’m giving away products from social enterprises and social entrepreneurs and in that way we’ll promote social entrepreneurship, but at the same time, give you freebies.

So stay tuned to find out more about how you can be one of the lucky winners who gets one of those giveaways.

Make sure you subscribe to my email newsletter and podcasts, and check out my website regualrly and stay tuned for these videos as we go to Israel.

Bye Bye!