3 Reasons You Should Be a Social Entrepreneur

Social entrepreneurs are a passionate, innovative and resilient breed.

Why should you even consider the social entrepreneurial path and create business ideas for good?

Social Entrepreneurship For Young People & Beyond

For me, I began social entrepreneurship from high-school. A group of friends and I were keen to help other people, so we came together during our spare time and formed an organization, called Compassion Inc.

I enjoyed that I was surrounded by good people wanting to help and change the world. Even though we were young, and made a number of mistakes, we tried our best. We organized a number of fundraising functions, and we used our various skills and talents to achieve our social goals. Check out my About page for more information.

Funny enough, those times when we volunteered and held fundraisers or advocacy events as a young kid changed my entire life. It has led me to a life of wanting to contribute to others as best as I can. I’ve travelled far and wide, to different lands and meeting people from across the globe, attempting to find solutions to the world’s most complex challenges.

Now, I encourage other young people to seriously consider social entrepreneurship as a viable and fulfilling life path.

Why I Encourage Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is not for everybody. I admit that.

Neverthless, if you are seriously considering it as a vocation for yourself, here are 3 reasons why you should go for it!

  1. Do Good:

    In my point of view, human beings are drawn to want to contribute to others. It’s innate in us as human beings are fundamentally social beings. As a human being yourself, you’re very much drawn to want to help. Each and everyone of us wants to be a part of something greater than ourselves. Sure, different people contribute to others in different ways, and of course, everyone of us has varied talents to offer.

    Social entrepreneurship is one such way for you to contribute on an ongoing basis – even as a life path or vocation.

  2. Do Well:

    I once thought that the only way to help others was to work for a non-profit organization for a very low pay.

    Social entrepreneurship, however, goes beyond that either/or thinking. It proposes that social objectives can be reached using entrepreneurial and business acumen. Of course, for some social entrepreneurs, their social goals are best achieved through a non-profit organization.

    Nevertheless, it is possible to do good and to do well; and there are numerous for-profit social entrepreneurs who provide valued goods and services to the market place, while highlighting and contributing to social causes. For instance, take a look at the for-profit businesses that the Acumen Fund supports, which generate profits while achieving social aims.

  3. Be Extraordinary:

    Dedicating your life to the service of others is, in my view, one of the sure ways to be an extraordinary human being. Social entrepreneurship provides you that avenue. It makes you extraordinary, in particular, because you essentially become a leader by taking social initiatives that most people would not dare to. Furthermore, like conventional entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs have the courage and daring to gather their personal and external resources in order to solve a problem.

    A wise man had once said that if you want to be great, then serve the many.

    Social entrepreneurs, through their audacity to lead change to improve their society and environment, certainly have the capacity to live extraordinary lives. Through creating business ideas that help communities, it can generate income for the economy as well as help those in need.

Do you have what it takes?

Share Your Reasons for Social Entrepreneurship

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