3 Social Enterprise Funding Platforms Online That Can Help Your Start Up

Many aspiring social entrepreneurs feel the fear of starting up because of a lack of funding. Many social enterprises are underfunded and their sustainability and social impact is hampered.

Trends in Online Crowd Funding for Social Entrepreneurs

Fortunately, there have been recent trends to overcome this funding issue. One of the major trends that I am seeing for social entrepreneurship funding is the growth of online platforms that help support seed stage companies. I was excited to visit the websites of these online platforms, and was enthusiastic to see that many of them are using the Kiva model of crowd funding to help social entrepreneurs worldwide.

Where Can You Get Online Funding For Your Social Enterprise?

Today, I present you with 3 online platforms that I have checked out. Visit their websites for yourself, and see how they can help you get your start up project off the ground.

  1. Kickstarter – “Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative ideas and ambitious endeavors.” One of my favorites. I’m actually thinking of posting some of my future projects here. It is mainly targeted to creative projects, and not necessarily businesses. ALtohugh it can be a great way to test out your initial innovative ideas.
  2. ProFounder – “ProFounder was created to ensure all entrepreneurs have access to the resources they need through the engagement of robust, supportive communities.” This is a great crowd funding website, and it is much more targeted towards developing businesses. For now it is limited to only ventures in the United States.
  3. Jumo – “Jumo is a social network connecting individuals and organizations who want to change the world.” It’s more of a social network tool, and not a crowd funding tool. Although followers can donate to their favorite cause and Jumo allows people to support your social enterprise by letting people worldwide give their time, skills and promotion.

Increased Access to Funding = Increased Innovation

I really like these online platforms. They allow for entrepreneurial people with daring ideas to take greater risks. Getting increased access to seed stage funding is important for social entrepreneurs, and these online platforms could help your dreams become reality faster.