3 Steps to Taking Action


There are 3 major steps that you should take as a social entrepreneur to find a problem and then make a solution when it comes to business ideas:

1. Get Disturbed

Find a problem out there in the world and get disturbed. What I mean by that is this: Feel it. Observe it. Get the Emotion to drive you, and to drive your organization. Through those emotions, and through that hurt and pain, it can move you to action.

2. Be Clear On What You Want

Be clear on the vision. Don’t get stuck being disturbed. Don’t get stuck on the negativity. Move on from that and look at the opposite.

“What if?” – Look at it in those kinds of terms.

For example:
What if it were impossible to fail?
What if it was better than how it is right now?

Overall, don’t get stuck on the hurt. Focus on the vision. Focus on the positive. Be optimistic and be clear about it. Write your vision down.

3. Make an Action Plan

Once you’re clear on the vision, and once you’ve gotten disturbed, and moved from that and you’ve become optimistic with a vision for the future, then make an action plan.

Make detailed steps from your vision. Think about it and feel what you need to do in order to achieve that vision, to change things and to transform your circumstances right now.

If you do these 3 steps, you’re going to go out there and you’re going to change something. You’re going to make something out of yourself and make an impact in the world through using your business ideas for good.