5 Social Entrepreneurship Courses That Can Enhance Your Knowledge & Skills

I’m a big believer that education is important. There are many different kinds of education in my opinion. Some people learn better by going to classes and reading books. Others like learning from real life experience and trial and error.

Many Different Kinds of Social Entrepreneurship “Education”

Everyone is different in their learning approaches. For me, I consider myself to be a mix of a learner who both reads and does! I enjoy learning about new topics that are related to social entrepreneurship, as well as unrelated topics just to make things interesting. However, I also realize that knowledge is useless without organized actions and results in the real world.

My Experience in Learning & Doing

Currently, I’m studying a Masters of International Law part time while volunteering in Bangladesh for the UN, as well as providing this blog for you. I know I’m a little crazy and unreasonable, but aren’t most social entrepreneurs?

Perhaps it comes from my inner drive to consistently grow and improve myself so that I can constantly improve my contribution in the world.

Leaders are Learners

If you’re at a stage where you would like to improve your social entrepreneurship skill, here are 10 social entrepreneurship courses that could propel your knowledge and skills in the field.

Special Note About Educating Yourself About Social Entrepreneurship

Remember that this list only contains courses that are specific to social entrepreneurship. You could always take a course in a related field or even an unrelated field that you’re passionate about. Most of the unique ideas in the world come from a combination of traditional ideas with new, unrelated ones.

10 Social Entrepreneurship Courses to Help You Help Others

Here we go:

1. School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE)

Description: Since 1997, the SSE has offered a year-long learning programme of action learning tailored to these characteristics. Our programmes are built on learning by doing, an approach that emphasises experience, experimentation and personal needs.

Location: Courses on social entrepreneurship are conducted throughout the United Kingdom, as well as in my home country of Australia.

Website: School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE)

2. The Social Enterprise Program (SEP) at Columbia Busines School

Description: The Social Enterprise Program (SEP) at Columbia Business School provides a framework for students to think in broader terms about their role in business and society. Students develop a perspective on how to apply business skills to social enterprise endeavors and align personal and professional values in careers that result in social benefits to a broader community.

Location: Manhattan, New York, United States

Website: The Social Enterprise Program (SEP) at Columbia Busines School

3. Social Entrepreneurship & the Duke MBA

Description: CASE offers a concentration in social entrepreneurship designed for students seriously interested in using their MBA skills in the entrepreneurial pursuit of social impact. This concentration is designed to serve those students who aspire at some point in their lives to be social entrepreneurs, executives in social-purpose organizations, philanthropists, board members, or leading volunteers in their communities and the social sector.

Location: Durham, North Carolina, United States

Website: Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship, University

4. Utrecht Summer School Course on Social Entrepreneurship

Description: This course will provide an overview of social entrepreneurship by looking into societal problems they address and innovative business models to tackle them. Attention is paid to business model generation and academic literature on social entrepreneurship.

Location: Breukelen, The Netherlands


5. FREE Social Entrepreneurship Online Course

Description: This course is freely and publicly available. It is also part of the Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship. This online course describes the defining characteristics of the social entrepreneur, the difference between social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship, the way in which social entrepreneurship differs from charity, the role of innovation in social entrepreneurship, and how to measure the success of a social venture by assessing its impact.

Location: Online – Just go to the website to start learning about social entrepreneurship!

Website: Unite For Sight

After Learning as Much as You Can, Contribute as Much as You Can

After, or even while, you are getting your head around social entrepreneurship, remember also to move your feet, get your hands dirty and actually do something useful with the knowledge and the skills that you’ve gained.

Use what you’ve learnt for the greater good of humanity.