5 Ways to Encourage Creativity in Your Social Enterprise


The great thing about social enterprises and social entrepreneurship in general, is the concept of innovation and business development. Innovation is the cornerstone of entrepreneurship. And innovation, in my point of view, comes down really to a sense of creativity.

Using Creativity to Solve Social & Environmental Problems

Creativity is really significant for social enterprises because it enables these social enterprises to find solutions to complex problems. In order to find solutions for social and environmental problems, we do need a sense of creativity – a sense that we can create a better world for ourselves and for future generations.

My advice for you is to encourage creativity.

5 Ideas to Enhance Your Entrepreneurial Creativity

  1. Creativity starts within your own organization by having a philosophy of innovation and value for creativity.
  2. It could start by having creative pictures or motivational words or programs for your staff to influence them to think outside the box.
  3. It could even start with your own self as a leader within your organization to start thinking creativity about ways of doing things.
  4. It could mean keeping up to date with the way changes are occurring within your social enterprise industry.
  5. Creativity begins also when you find the gaps within your field and you see those gaps and you find ways to fill them in a lateral-thinking way. This is how great business development happens.

Share How You Or Your Organization Encourages Creativity

What interesting ways do you or your team promote the creative spirit and social innovation?