6 Qualities of Today’s Young and Modern Entrepreneurs

The world is always in a state of change.

Modern Entrepreneurs in a World of Constant Change

As entrepreneurs and building your entrepreneurial skills, you must be aware of this fact, and today’s modern entrepreneurs certainly exhibit new ideas and innovative thinking. This is especially seen in the latest young entrepreneurs, who have fresh ideas and are who are open to try something totally different from the “old school” entrepreneurs of that last century.

In a recent presentation by Peter Salmon, the director of Fische Consulting, he agreed that today’s young and modern entrepreneurs have a completely changed world view unlike generations before them.

6 Qualities of Modern Entrepeneurs Who Are Open for a Change

An article by Peter Kerr points out the 6 major qualities of modern entrepreneurs. Today, these entrepreneurs:

  1. “Blend social and commercial objectives
  2. Creatively align public, private and NGO resources
  3. Leverage communities and collaboration
  4. Are well adapted to young world environments
  5. Embrace the globalisation of the knowledge workforce
  6. Are solving systematic problems while meeting market needs”

The Social Dimension of Modern Entrepreneurship

It’s intereting to see that there is a greater emphasis on the social dimension of entrepreneurship. I think that the old way of conducting business is outdated, and I think many modern entrepreneurs would agree.

It’s exciting to see that there is a shift in entrepreneurial thinking. This opens up more opportunities for budding entrepreneurs who have the passion and the drive to take up both social and commercial objectives.

What other qualities or entrepreneurial skills do you see in modern entrepreneurs that are different to entrepreneurs of yesterday?