6 Steps For When You’re Doing Too Many Things All At Once

Information Overload
Creative Commons License photo credit: DeaPeaJay

It’s great to have several goals.

However, it can be overbearing to be trying to do too many things all at once.

Overloaded and Burned Out Social Entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurs will most likely face a period in their journey in which they will feel burned out from having too many things to do. It can have a negative effect on both your mind and your body, which can hamper your effectiveness.

It may be a day when you stare blankly at your diary’s to do list and you find 95,638,264 things to do! I’m only over-exagerating just a smidge, but it may feel like that’s how many you have to do all at once.

Social Entrepreneurs are Human Too

As a social entrepreneur, you will often have to recognize that you are also a human being who does have some limitation, one of which is that you can’t actively be doing two things at once.

My partner P can often multitask, and many women have that gift, but unfortunately for me, I have discovered that I’m better off focusing my attention and energy on one task one at a time.

Steps To Help You Get in Control

I think this may be a better solution for most social entrepreneurs. Whenever you feel like you’ve got too many things to do on your to-do list, follow these steps:

  1. Breathe: Take a deep breath and relax for a second. You need to clear out your negative mental blocks of overwhelm and stress.
  2. Reassess: Take a good hard look at your list of 95,638,264 things to do, and be realistic. Your list may only be a handful of action items but you’ve chunked down all the steps to a very small degree that it seems like you are doing so much. Recognize that some action items can actually be grouped together, particularly when some action steps are actually geared towards achieving the same outcome.
  3. Focus On Today: Cross out any action items that are not due today. Place any future action items in your diary for that day. There’s no need to think about it or do anything about it today when it can’t even be done today.
  4. Delegate: Now focus your strengths on the actions items that are to be done today. As you go through it, also check to see if you can actually delegate some of the items to someone else. Can your partner, family member or friend do it for you? If you have employees, could you pass on the task to them instead?
  5. Prioritize: You should now have a list that contains only action steps that must be done by you and only you today. Prioritize the importance of the actions on the list. Put the letter A or the number 1 on the action that is the most urgent and important. Then put a letter B or number 2 for the second most important, and so on and so on. You can use either a numerical system or alphabetical system
  6. Do Them One By One: You now have a list of priorities for yourself. Now go out and achieve them one by one – starting from the top of the list. Cross them off or tick them off once you have completed each one.

Ordinary Steps for Extraordinary People

Social entrepreneurs can do extraordinary things.

There are times however when you may not feel so extraordinary. You may be run down, stressed, tired and burned out.

I use the above technique myself, and it can be very therapeutic and helpful especially on those very hectic days!