7 More Days Until I’m Permanently Unemployed

I’m really very excited!

There’s only 7 more days until I am permanently unemployed.

Excitement About Unemployment? What the?!

Unemployed, did you say?

Yes – I will be unemployed. And I am telling you, from my current feeling and belief, this will be my permanent state of being from now on.

For most people and the uninitiated, being unemployed would seem scary and uncertain.

However, for me, I am really very excited.

I’m not scared. Bring it on!

What Will I Do With My Time & Energy?

Just because I won’t be employed by another company or organization, it does not mean that I will not make money nor will I not do anything meaningful with my time and energy.

Far from it.

After 7 days, I will become a full time entrepreneur.

In particular, I want to focus my strengths on social entrepreneurship and tech entrepreneurship too.

I’ve realised more and more that these are what I’m passionate about.

A Time to Grow: Reflecting on the Past 2 Years

I started this blog about 1 year ago. I began it part time after working hours while I was living and working in Bangladesh for the United Nations World Food Programme.

My work at WFP focused mainly on food aid to the local Bangladeshi people as well as Myanmar refugees. I respect the humanitarians and international development specialists that I have met along the journey.

However, after being with WFP for close to 2 years of my life now, I personally believe that I am more passionate about “teaching people how to fish for a lifetime rather than giving them fish to them for a day”.

This is my personal perspective and this is my gut feeling about my personality and my strengths.

An Example of the Possibilities

I will finish up with WFP in 7 days time, and it is after this time that I will devote my time to creating and building my own businesses and social enterprises. For now I want to try it, as I believe it can be the best vehicle for me to share my new ideas, thoughts, innovations and leadership.

At the moment, I feel like I never want to work for or work under another organization or person ever again. =)

Rather, I would like to work with organizations and people.

I am of the opinion that I shouldn’t just talk about entrepreneurship and social enterprise.

I should live it, and be an example of the possibilities.

How about you?