8 Ways to Conserve Biological Diversity

The conservation of biological diversity is the ‘common concern of humankind.’

You’ve often heard about the need to protect the environment for present and future generations.

Many Parts of Environmental Protection

There are so many aspects of environmental protection though, and you may often get overwhelmed by it all. For instance, there’s the need to protect the ozone layer, the prevention of dumping, the protection of the marine environment, and the minimization of deforestation.

Today I was doing some reading on international environmental protections around the world.

Conserving Biological Diversity

One kind of important eco protection needed is for us to conserve biological diversity.

I love going on treks and nature walks. I recently went on a picnic with friends at a remote park in Bangladesh. I enjoy sitting amongst the trees, amongst the movement of animals all around and the splendor of the natural environment.

I especially enjoy discovering unique animals that I’ve never seen before in countries around the world.

I believe that protecting the diversity of the animals and plants that make up our planet is significant.

However, I wasn’t aware of the specific kinds of regulatory techniques to conserve the diverse range of flora and fauna.

How Can We Conserve Biological Diversity?

Here 8 ways to conserve biological diversity:

  1. establishing protected areas
  2. the prohibition of and/or regulations on taking of particular species
  3. establishing seasons or other periods in which taking species is permitted
  4. regulating the taking or exploitation of particular species subject to compliance with general standards which limit utilisation to ‘rational’ utilisation or optimal or maximal standards
  5. the prohibition and/or regulation of the international trade in species
  6. managing habitats and ecosystems
  7. the prohibition on methods or means of taking species
  8. the prohibition on introducing new or alien species.

Why is this important to social entrepreneurs?

Social entrepreneurs may specialise in a diverse range of products and services. Often, social entrepreneurs deliver a tangible benefit for human communities.

Nevertheles, our global human community lives on an earth filled with different kinds of animals and plants.

I believe we have a responsibility to consider the welfare of all living species.

Social entrepreneurs and other kinds of for-profit businesses should assess how their operations may affect other forms of life as it is a ‘common concern of humankind.’