90 Day Challenge #10: January – March, 2017

focus (challenge)

I made an audio in Spanish and a bit of Chinese, speaking about my goals for the next 90 days! Check it out.

In English, here are my goals for the first 90 days in 2017.

For my Spanish:

1. Continue studying my Spanish Anki flashcards

2. I read extensively in Spanish, and I finish Pretotipar Esto & Desarrollo web para dispositivos móviles by end of March 2017.

3. I write, memorize and record 1 audio podcast in Spanish per week.

4. I do the Spanish FLPT exam in Kaohsiug in March [Registration due Jan 20 2017] (then July & Nov every year).

For my Mandarin Chinese:

1. I add top 500 Chinese sentences from Frequency List by March 2017.

2. Continue studying my Mandarin Chinese Anki flashcards