90 Day Challenge #12: July-September, 2017

There are going to be some changes for the next 90 days of my language learning journey. Here are the main changes:

  • Bringing Back Filipino (Tagalog): I’m bringing back this language, but for now, I’ll be doing it via passive maintenance while I actively improve my Spanish and Chinese.
  • Delaying Learning to Write Chinese Characters: I’ve noticed that it’s taking me forever to learn the top 1000 words in Chinese, and it’s because I seem to be quite slow at being able to remember how to produce Chinese characters in writing. Because of this, my progress has been uber slow. I’m going to continue learning the top frequuent words of Chinese, but I’ll do so largely via pinyin until my speaking and listening skills have improved.
  • More Spanish Speaking Practice: .

During these next 90 days, my focus will be to continue actively working on my 2 target foreign languages: Mandarin Chinese and Spanish, and I will passively maintain Filipino (Tagalog).

For my Spanish (B2 Level) [Active Learning]:

1. Continue studying my Spanish Anki flashcards daily
2. I read extensively in Spanish, including comic books, programming books or other academic books and any other Spanish books I find interesting
3. I listen to 5 Spanish podcasts daily.
4. I record 1 audio in Spanish per day to practice speaking.
5. I review and add Anki flashcards for YouTube interviews/vlogs, such as Easy Spanish, daily.

For my Mandarin Chinese (A2 Level) [Active Learning]:

1. I create Chinese sentences for the top 500 words from a Chinese Frequency List by September 2017.
2. Continue studying my Mandarin Chinese Anki flashcards daily, focusing on pinyin and Character recognition (not Chinese character writing)

For my Filipino – Tagalog (B2 Level) [Passive Maintenance]:

1. I listen to 3 Filipino podcasts daily.