90 Day Challenge #13: July-September, 2018

I’m excited to get my DELE B2 results, which should come out within this quarter, and my strategy may change depending on the result. For now, this is what I’ll be doing over the next few months.

During these next 90 days, my focus will be to continue actively working on my 2 target foreign languages: Mandarin Chinese and Spanish, and I will passively maintain Filipino (Tagalog).

For my Spanish (B2 Level) [Active Learning]:

1. Continue studying my Spanish Anki flashcards daily
2. I listen extensively in Spanish daily.
3. I listen to 3 Spanish podcasts/videos daily.

For my Mandarin Chinese (A2 Level) [Active Learning]:

1. Continue studying my Mandarin Chinese Anki flashcards daily, focusing on pinyin and Character recognition (not Chinese character writing), as well as learning Zhuyin (Bopomofo)

For my Filipino – Tagalog (B1 Level) [Passive Maintenance]:

1. I listen to 1 Filipino podcast daily.