Get Advice

Need help with your mission to do good?

I have received plenty of emails and messages from people around the world who want to do good and ask for tips on a range of topics.

While I am very humbled and I have responded to many people for free in that past, due to my very limited time nowadays, I can’t give personal time and attention to every single question that may be sent to me, as much as I’d like for free.

Also, I only like to deal with people who are really serious about doing good and taking action, and I’ve found that even though people would ask me questions, there was no way to follow up with them, and to make sure that my feedback was actually worthwhile.

That’s why I can only give advice and personalised help to social entrepreneurs, social enterprises and nonprofits in exchange for a fee. Or, for those with limited capital, I would be willing to provide advice and mentoring in exchange of vested equity (e.g. if I were to be on your Board of Advisors) or under a profit sharing agreement. I am open to any other strategic alliances or partnership ideas and proposals that you could come up with.

Contact me and let me know how I can help you

I believe my time and experience and skills are extemely valuable, and I can no longer personally answer all questions that are asked to me for free.

If you still feel that you can’t pay a fee or figure out a equity or profit sharing agreement, then you can still check out my blog and podcast, which is completely free and aimed at helping you nonetheless. Or you can still of course email me, and if I get several others asking a similar question, then I will likely answer that common quesiton but in a more general way on the blog.

For those who are serious and would like to work with me, I can help give you mentoring and advice on a range of specialised topics such as:

  • social entrepreneurship,
  • tech entrepreneurship & startups,
  • social enterprise ideas,
  • online fundraising,
  • web design and online marketing for good causes,
  • seed funding for social enterprises,
  • and grants for nonprofits and social enterprises.

Contact me and let me know how I can help you