Are Your Habits Hurting Mama Nature?


Whenever I think of the beauty of nature, I’m taken to a place where it’s a beautiful beach and the waves are crashing and I can hear it in the distance. I can smell the salty breeze and the cool wind is blowing against my face. I also think of the social responsibility that I have as an individual.

I love nature. I love Mama Nature!

The State of Our Environment

But one thing that does hurt me is when I do go to countries – many of them are actually developing countries – where environmental programmes aren’t as strong, and habits sometimes aren’t there to pick up after yourself, and NGO or environment campaigns haven’t been established as much.

It does hurt me as much to see general people, even friends sometimes, carelessly throwing their rubbish. Especially in a place where I am at the moment, Bangladesh, where vegetation is lush and green is everywhere – Heck it’s even on their flag.

It worries me.

And I wonder.

How to Change People’s Habits?

You know I grew up in Australia where we were taught to pick up rubbish – to clean up after myself, to ensure that I don’t throw anything carelessly otherwise I’ll be socially stigmatized.

Growing up in that area but then seeing and living here, and wondering about the differences – I pose to you the question: Are we a product of our environment? And how does affect Mama Nature?

In some parts of the world, they have very strict government policies. Is that a solution to it all? Is it just a matter of individual habits, and if it is, how can we change them?

Because really, when I walk out there in some places of Bangladesh, not all, it does disgust me to see rubbish in the streets being thrown carelessly when I know that the beauty of nature should really shine. Especially in a beautiful place like this.

It’s our world so we really should take care of it.

Share Your Thoughts.

What do you think? How can we change these habits? How can we help the environment through social responsibility?

Note: Please excuse the poor sound quality of the video. As I was living and working in Bangladesh at the time of this video, it was the rainy monsoon season. Therefore, the sounds in the background were the fierce winds and pouring rain. Thank you for your understanding.