Attention Social Entrepreneurs & Social Enterprises in Philippines

Hey all! It’s Matthew here.

UP Turns 100 [Photo by ~MVI~ (too late for the dinagyang)] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

A friend & I are keen to support social entrepreneurs & social enterprises in the Philippines via building an online funding platform and online support systems to help create best business ideas. If you want to start up a positive impact business or NGO in the Philippines, and need this sort of help, then sign up NOW, so we can do this for YOU.

I created a page dedicated to this Philippine social entrepreneurship movement, so check it out!

Also, if you know of any friends, family or colleagues that would be interested in getting help and funding for their social entrepreneurship journey or for propelling their social enterprise to the next level, then be sure to share the page with them.

I’ve already received emails and contact from Filipinos both within the Philippines and outside of it. I’ve also received interest from non-Filipinos who are passionate about making a difference in the Philippines through social entrepreneurial projects.

Are you a passionate person wanting to start up a world changing project in the Philippines?

Click here to see the Special Offer page for Social Entrepreneurs/Social Enterprises in the Philippines to help grow best business ideas in the Philippines.