60 Day Challenge #1: September-October, 2014

Greenfield Village


60 Day Challege #1

Background & Purpose:

This is my first 60 day challenge. The reason I want to do 60 day challenges is because I’ve been doing a 60 day challenge food diet again my friend (actually my best man!). I’ve been doing it for some weeks now, and it’s been a really good motivator to have a goal with a defined time frame for its achievement. It chunks the big goals into smaller steps.

This is admittedly my first challenge because I want to get back into learning languages!! I love being a polyglot and travelling and speaking to people in other languages. This is my very pulic way to challenge myself and inspire you to challenge yourself too. Maybe even join me in my challenge or set one up for yourself.

Date Range:

September-October, 2014

The Challenge:

-Create Anki flashcards for the 600 basic words of Spanish and French
-Start memorising those words using Anki daily (ideally for 30 minutes each day or at least in your spare time)