3 Steps to Taking Action


There are 3 major steps that you should take as a social entrepreneur to find a problem and then make a solution when it comes to business ideas:

1. Get Disturbed

Find a problem out there in the world and get disturbed. What I mean by that is this: Feel it. Observe it. Get the Emotion to drive you, and to drive your organization. Through those emotions, and through that hurt and pain, it can move you to action.

2. Be Clear On What You Want

Be clear on the vision. Don’t get stuck being disturbed. Don’t get stuck on the negativity. Move on from that and look at the opposite.

“What if?” – Look at it in those kinds of terms.

For example:
What if it were impossible to fail?
What if it was better than how it is right now?

Overall, don’t get stuck on the hurt. Focus on the vision. Focus on the positive. Be optimistic and be clear about it. Write your vision down.

3. Make an Action Plan

Once you’re clear on the vision, and once you’ve gotten disturbed, and moved from that and you’ve become optimistic with a vision for the future, then make an action plan.

Make detailed steps from your vision. Think about it and feel what you need to do in order to achieve that vision, to change things and to transform your circumstances right now.

If you do these 3 steps, you’re going to go out there and you’re going to change something. You’re going to make something out of yourself and make an impact in the world through using your business ideas for good.

Focus On Your Vision


Staying positive in the face of negativity when coming up with and using business ideas : That’s what this post will be all about.

And you know what? I’ve been working with NGOs, social enterprises, and international organizations aimed at helping people. And often when you deal with these kinds of organizations – and you deal with global complex problems that seem like there’s no solution at all and that it’s hopeless, and people are complaining, and people from here and there want different pieces of you – it can seem like there is no hope.

But my message in this post, my message to you, is to really focus.

Focus not on the hurt. Focus not on the pain or the negativity that can bring people down – often bringing ordinary people down.

My challenge to you, and the challenge of the problems of the world for you, is to stay positive. To focus on the solution, not on the problem.

As a social entrepreneur, as someone wanting to lead change or to inspire others, inspire a team, inspire the world, you really do need to see a better future for yourself and for what’s out there.

You need to see and really believe in what you can hope for, what you dream for.

Don’t ever give up on those dreams and business ideas. Even though there are these complaints; even though there are these negativities and these hurts – Never give up on your dream.

That’s my message to you.

Design Your Purpose


Right now, I’m going to be talking to you about the power of purpose: the purpose driving you, the purpose driving your social business and business ideas.

When it comes to purpose, in my point of view, you really need to be clear on what your purpose is, why you’re even engaged in something to change the world, why you’re even engaged in a social business, why you’re even getting up to bother about doing this sort of cause.

Your purpose will drive you and you really need to find it.

When I talk about purpose, I don’t mean just any sort of bland mission statement that you see in ordinary businesses.

I’m talking about finding, for yourself and for your organization, the type of purpose and mission that will drive not only you, but will drive your team, your tribe, your organization, your followers, and the people who you will also help. Think of a purpose that will inspire them. You need to find that kind of purpose.

Now what sort of purpose am I talking about?

You need to use inspirational words, like: “The purpose of my social business is to change the world by eradicating poverty and empowering people’s lives”. Or it could be: “The purpose of my eco-business is to revolutionize the way that people transport and rid of waste, and to do it in a creative and transformative way.”

So using these kinds of words and using that kind of emotion that drives you – that drives you and then will drive your people – that’s the kind of purpose I’m talking about. And that’s the kind of purpose you need for your social business and business ideas.

How to Dream BIG


If you see yourself as a social entrepreneur, I really urge you, I encourage you and I want to push you to really dream BIG. Business development involves having a passion and wanting to change the world in some way.

Dreaming big is what you need to really change the world. What you really need for yourself in order to really make an impact is this: You need to start within your mind, within your own vision – that space there. You have to come up with a picture of what’s possible. And I’m going to be crazy and I’m going to suggest to you that even though in reality, it’s not there, you have the power as a social entrepreneur to really change things.

And if you’re going to be changing things, I really push you to change things BIG.

Dream Big. Set goals that are huge, and trust me: If you aim for the stars, at least you’ll reach the sky. And that’s the minimum.

But if you really want to have huge results, you have to have huge goals.

So start with that: Just imagine what is possible.

Just think: If you could do something, and it was impossible to fail, what would you dream of? What would you envision? How would you like things to be like?

And you have to believe within yourself that you can do it because in reality, people have done things out there in history and today that have seemed impossible. But in their mind’s eye, in their heart, they believed in it.

They dreamed big and it was made possible – through their vision, through their passion, and through their dreams.

And I urge you to dream big just like them and start planning and encouraging business development.

Know Who You Are


For me, social business and business ideas begins with service.

And service, coming from the social entrepreneur, comes really from the heart.

Personally, my advice to you is that if you are going to be starting your own social business, then you have to be starting from within – from the place where you know who you are, what you stand for.

Knowing who you are will transform and create an organization that reflects your personal values, your beliefs in how the world can be, and how the world should be.

And from that you can translate that vision from within into the real world, out there, and truly to make an impact through business ideas.