Be a Chicken Entrepreneur to Start Up Your Social Enterprise Today

Social entrepreneurship as a whole can sometimes feel like it is some sort of idealistic way of conducting business.

Overcoming Fears in Entrepreneurship

Getting started with social entrepreneurship can even feel like it is impossible, and many of you may ask yourselves: why even bother since it’s so difficult to figure out good business ideas?

Travelling around the world and meeting many good people, I’ve sometimes noticed really good people who feel like they are trapped in their jobs. I understand that some of you may want to do great things in the world and make an impact, but often in the back of your mind, you may be wondering how in the world you are going to be able to actually survive. You still have to pay the bills. You still have to support your family.

Often I see people giving up on their dreams or their passion because they feel as if they are trapped in a rut of making money.

Do Good and Do Well Through Social Entrepreneurship

This is a major reason why I have advocated for social entrepreneurship. I think that it is more attainable for a most people because you can do good but still do well for yourself.

I’ve wanted to help others during my lifetime, and I have even given up a number of years to just pure volunteering overseas. I will admit, however, that it was not very easy foregoing a salary during that time. My relationships were falling apart because it was very hard for me to pay for the bills, and even see my family, friends and loved ones during important moments of their life.

Surely, there must be a way to balance both the desire to help people and the need for you to actually live well in your own life. I think that social entrepreneurship can help bridge that gap, and that is why I have aimed to pursue it myself. So that I may make profit in order to ensure that my social and financial life are in order, while I also can help other people and the planet in the process.

You Can Change the World Today Through Chicken Entrepreneurship

If you want to create your own venture to change the world, I would suggest that you don’t have to quit your current day job in order to do it.

  • You can still stick to your day job full time, and make a living.
  • However, after work and during the weekends, you can work on your mission part time.

Now this may sound like a lot of effort, and it is. I’m not going to make any false promises here. But, it can be very much worth it!

You work on your mission through your social enterprise part time. Once your part time enterprise allows you to make more money from it than your current day job, then you will have the choice to quit your day job so that you can work on your passion full time! This is what’s called “chicken entrepreneurship“. You minimize the risks of losing your house and your family because you will still receive a salary from your day job. You can try different ideas until you find one that works. I have seen this idea for conventional entrepreneurship, and I believe that it can be similarly applied to social entrepreneurship.

No More Excuses!

This is fantastic news for those of you who feel like you are stuck in your job, or you want to create great business ideas and you want to be freed from it so that later down the track you can work full time on your mission in life. If this resonates with you, I woudl urge you to try it this year! You may discover that you can achieve more than you originally thought out.