Be a Leader, Not a Follower


As a social entrepreneur who’s wanting to go out there and make a social impact through business ideas, I urge you to be a leader.

Followers ‘follow’ the status quo

Followers often ‘follow’ the status quo. They’re okay with how things are. They also have a sense of a lack of responsibility. They don’t take responsibility for things because they’re just following their leader, their authority.

If you want to be someone who challenges the status quo in order to innovate and create change – in order to make things better – not only for your business or for yourself, but for the people and for the community around you, be a leader.

Leadership and taking responsibility

Being a leader means taking responsibility for yourself and your actions.

Now when I say “be a leader”, I don’t necessarily mean that you have to be someone who heads your own company, heads your own social business. Although many social entrepreneurs do, I admit that.

But being a leader doesn’t necessarily mean you have that title, you have authority. You can be a leader within your own NGO, government organization, in your own social business, or even in your own company pushing forward a corporate social responsibility agenda. And being a leader, in that sense, can mean taking responsibility for how things are, taking responsibility for the problems that you see, and realizing that you have the power to then change them.

And changing them may not be an easy thing. Of course, change is often a difficult thing, and there are always barriers especially the ‘old guard’ and their resistance to that change.

But it all starts with you taking responsibility and having the identity, first and foremost, of you yourself being a leader. Not a follower. You should then create business ideas that allow you to encourage growth of your identity.